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Hardwood flooring, as beautiful as it is, can be fickle. Under the right circumstances, for example, it can take on water damage and warp, thus necessitating replacement. Certain cleaning products, likewise, can be equally as damaging. Consider the following when performing routine cleaning of hardwood flooring:

●        Clean up spills ASAP. This mitigates staining. However, do not use a wet mop or steam cleaner to do so, as the water wears at the finish and, over long periods of time, can even damage the wood underneath.

●        Use a cleaner specific for your flooring type. If you simply must use a cleaning product on your hardwood, make sure it’s one that’s deemed safe, specifically, for the type of hardwood that you have. All woods have different properties. UB hardwoods can help you find the right cleaning product after our flooring installation services.

●        Sweep up daily. Small bits of debris can get pushed around as you walk, scratching up the finish of your hardwood flooring. Daily sweeping can reduce this damage and prolong your flooring’s defensive finish.

●        Opt for a new finish every three to five years. As stated above, all hardwood requires the care of a professional now and again. Keeping your floors on a regular refinishing schedule, though it might be an investment, is one of the best ways to make sure your flooring lasts for decades.

●        Use mats and rugs when possible. Not only are they lovely ways to add some color to the room, but mats and rugs can collect the dirt and debris that feet and shoes track around, preventing it from scratching up your hardwood.

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